Nikki Bella prays for John Cena’s happiness



The Total Bella star split from the professional wrestler over a year ago but following their split, Nikki confessed she would pray he would find happiness and she has loved seeing him move on.

Speaking at the 3rd Annual Best Buddies Mother’s Day Celebration in Malibu, she said, I’ve loved [seeing him move on]. I’ve been so happy for him because I think of the decisions that I’ve made … walking away and just needing to find myself because I felt like I lost it. I literally would pray every day, like all I want him is to be happy and to find happiness. And it’s true. He’s still so close to my family and all I ever want is for his happiness. He seems so happy now and that makes me really happy.

Nikki previously confessed she felt like she embarrassed John over their break-up as her reality show could only show her side of their split. She said, when [I] film the reality shows, you guys only get to see so much. So one thing that I thought was kind of unfair for John was you saw a very small amount on our reality show about our breakup and of course it was pro-me, because it was coming through my eyes. It made me sad for John. — VoM

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