NCOC stiffens SOPs amid a surge in Covid


The NCOC issued new SOPs amid a surge in the positivity ratio of the covid cases across the country. Fresh guidelines and standard operating procedures for educational institutions, recreational spots, and places of worship have been issued in order to stem the pandemic tide. According to the new guidelines from now on, only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed for prayer in Mosques. Mask-wearing, removal of carpet etc, maintaining 6 feet social distancing; frequent hand sanitisation and keeping doors and windows open for ventilation, mandatory during prayers in the mosques. The new guidelines said organizing prayers in open was preferable. It added the elderly and co-morbid offer prayers at homes and the faithful perform ablution at homes. The forums also suggested a minimum attendance for the prayers in mosques and a short sermon for Friday prayer. The forum noted that Covid testing in education institutes was carried out in major Omicron-hit cities to ascertain disease spread among students and to ensure precise disease mapping. Data recommends a strong association between vaccination levels and infection rates in various cities. Therefore, the forum decided that education institutions, their premises or sections, or specific classes with high positivity would be closed for one week. It added that the provincial authorities in consultation with district health and education officials and school administrations would set a threshold of cases for deciding such closures. While talking about the covid situation in the world, Russia has reported a new daily high of Covid-19 cases, breaking its national record for the third day running as the highly contagious Omicron variants spurs surging infections.

The local government in China’s capital has ordered more Covid-19 tests as the city continues to report new local cases, less than two weeks before the start of the Winter Olympic Games.

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