NATO Extraordinary Summit


Amid intensified Ukraine War, Western leaders have gathered in Brussels for the NATO summit. The NATO summit vowed to upscale security, while the EU and G7 summits will likely focus on ramping up sanctions against Russia.  In addition, the NATO alliance expected to agree to reinforce its eastern flank, boost support for Ukraine with equipment, cybersecurity assistance. The back-to-back emergency meetings of NATO, the Group of Seven, and the European Union are taking place to draw up plans to ramp up pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters a second month. Pertinent to mention that the West has been largely unified in confronting Russia after it invaded Ukraine, that unity will likely be tested as the costs of war chip at the global economy. Meanwhile,  Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is expected to address the NATO summit by video, said late on that he expects “serious steps” from NATO and Western leaders, and wants the alliance to “declare that it will fully assist Ukraine to win this war” by supplying any weapons necessary. The war at one end has revamped the dynamics of geopolitics and it has also ensured a colossal blow to the economic structure across the globe.   The energy crisis exacerbated by the war will be a particularly hot topic at the European Council summit, where leaders from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece are hoping for an urgent, coordinated bloc-wide response. The EU imports 90 % of the natural gas used to generate electricity, heat homes, and supply industry, with Russia supplying almost 40 % of EU gas and a quarter of its oil. Indeed has become a real test for NATO’s greater role in defending the allies.

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