National Security Policy 2022-2026


Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan launched the country’s first-ever citizen-centric National Security Policy 2022-2026 on Friday. National Security Policy 2022-2026 is inclusive development in Pakistan’s national policy building and it is inevitable for national security as well. During the launching ceremony of the NSP Prime Minister stated, “The NSP 2022-2026 centers on my government’s vision, which believes that the security of Pakistan rests in the security of its citizens. The citizen-centric approach to national security prioritizes national cohesion and the prosperity of people while guaranteeing fundamental rights and social justice without discrimination.” Throughout the history of Pakistan, it is the first of its kind that the National Security policy articulates a citizen-centric framework, placing economic security at its core and seeking a secure and economically resilient Pakistan. The formulation process of the policy includes multiple consultations with official stakeholders including federal ministers, 120 experts, 300 students, and 600 people from all walks of life. In the words of National security Advisor of Pakistan Dr. Moeed Yusuf, “the National Security Policy is centered around economic security, the geo-strategic and geo-political imperatives also feature prominently to strengthen Pakistan security and standing in the world.” The geoeconomic vision of the policy is to supplement the focus on the geostrategy, and recognize that sustainable and inclusive growth is needed to expand our national resource pie. While, inclusive growth means not only to uplift the poor people but also the neglected areas, in such case every common man becomes a stakeholder to protect the state. The biggest security is when people stand behind the state for its protection. Achieving this will allow greater availability of resources to bolster both traditional and human security, because, the safety, security, dignity, and prosperity of citizens will remain the ultimate purpose of Pakistan’s national security.

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