National Idea Bank


Technology has revolutionized everything globally; blockchain artificial intelligence is opening a new vista of development and growth around the globe. Pakistan is growing cognizant of technological advancement and is now fully determined to join the revolution. In the world of digitalization, Pakistan needed to establish a mechanism comprising thinkers and practitioners to identify innovative ideas for different organizations. The dire need is to find new and innovative ideas and polish them to make them commercially viable. Due to the scarcity of resources, lack of collaboration and guidance, youth cannot accomplish their dreams. It is hard for them to materialize their ideas due to insufficient funds. To fulfill the dreams of innovation and advancement, National Idea Bank is created, a collaboration between Academia, Government, Industry, and society to identify and showcase innovative ideas to solve indigenous problems. National Idea Bank provides a platform where people with creative potential can submit their ideas with complete confidence and see their ideas transform into a product. The National Idea Bank and its efficacy will help promote innovative Ideas, Solve Industry Problems, and build a Strong Economy. Innovators from various cities can compete in city-level competitions, with winners progressing to the provincial level competitions to compete in the national level grand competition. It is a knowledge-intensive system that contributes to the rapid pace of development compared with the conventional brick and mortar setups. Innovative ideas can more effectively and efficiently resolve an industry problem or a social challenge. In the words of President Arif Alvi, “Innovation and emerging technologies together can open up new vistas of development and prosperity for Pakistan”.

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