National Gender Policy Framework-2022


In connection with International Women Day, Pakistan launched the National Gender Policy Framework-2022 aimed at providing a conducive environment for women to excel and empower them. The new policy includes education, a good governance system with a special focus on women, employment opportunities for women, security, health, and promoting political participation and leadership. National Gender Policy Framework packages the intelligence gathered through subject experts, international reviewers, and most importantly putting together a set of gender-focused strategic priorities identified by our youth. The policy contains the government’s clearly defined intent to provide women with the requisite rights and opportunities to thrive as equal and prosperous citizens of Pakistan. Given the fact that effective implementation of this Policy will contribute immensely to inclusive social and economic development in which women across social, political, and economic divides will play important and empowering roles.  It is indeed a need of hours to ensure and secure women’s rights in the country and mainstream them in compliance with the agendas and vision of national growth and policy. It is crucial, that, Government has a policy that further enhances women’s rights and continues to provide a clear framework for addressing inequalities deeply rooted in our society. The National Gender Policy has been developed with comprehensive insights into the empowerment, rights, and access to justice, leadership and accountable governance, gender roles and relations, and economic opportunities for women. National Gender Policy hoping for its success of inclusivity in the lives of all the sexes. Government to forge a path that ensures women and men, boys and girls, the marginalized, the vulnerable all have an equal voice, opportunity and can also benefit from our society at all levels.

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