National Climate Change, Wildlife Policy 2021


Nature holds the key to our lives, and the protection of nature is the responsibility of mankind.  Theodore Roosevelt once said, “the wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will”. The whole world is facing the issues of climate change, which is impacting both wildlife and manhood. Pakistan is not exceptional among all. Though, Pakistani leadership is more vocal and serious regarding the issue of climate change. Not only at the domestic level but at the international level, Pakistan is highlighting the risks of climate change. TO better deal with environmental issues Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has approved the National Climate Change Policy and National wildlife policy 2021.  During the meeting of the Committee on Climate Change in Islamabad, Prime Minister directed for the establishment of a think tank to coordinate efforts between various ministries and to devise out-of-box solutions for climate change mitigation. By keeping in mind, the endangered species, and wildlife protection, he focused that a special zone in Margalla Hills will be declared as a ‘leopard preservation zone’. He also approved the establishment of the Wildlife Information Center at Islamabad’s Marghazar Zoo. The Ministry of Climate Change is also inquired to review targets and formulate new goals aiming at fast-tracking the steps required to preserve the natural environment. Pakistan’s National Parks are of paramount importance and for their preservation government is taking important steps. The Green Champion flagship ten billion tree program of the government of Pakistan is already admired internationally and now the whole world is following the footsteps of Pakistan. The wildlife policy of Pakistan is a great step towards the preservation of nature. It is a fact, the love for all living creatures is the noblest attribute of man, and being a civilized nation Pakistan is playing its role to save nature.

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