NASA to send 2 more all-female spacewalks



Soon, the first all-woman spacewalk will no longer stand alone in history.

NASA shared details for its January schedule of International Space Station spacewalks on Wednesday. Two of the three scheduled walks will be undertaken by astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, the two women who went on the historic first all-female spacewalk in October 2019. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine drew attention to the schedule, tweeting, “We have two more all-woman spacewalks coming up in January. Meir and Koch’s spacewalks to replace old batteries with new ones are set for Jan. 15 and Jan. 20. If the battery work goes according to plan, then NASA’s Andrew Morgan and ESA’s Luca Parmitano will step out on Jan. 25 to finish work on an external instrument called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. NASA will broadcast a livestream of all three spacewalks. Last year, Koch expressed hope that all-woman spacewalks “will become commonplace.” NASA’s ISS maintenance schedule is putting that dream on track.

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