NAB Actively Engaged to Curb the Menace of Corruption and Corrupt Practices from Society, Says NAB Chairman

Chairman had directed intelligence wing to deal with iron hands such fraudsters who are looting the people by using the name of bureau


Islamabad-On the directives of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Honourable Justice Javed Iqbal, NAB Karachi has arrested and started legal proceedings against Aamir Hussain, a member of fraudster group on the allegations of looting people by impersonating himself as NAB chairman and DG of Karachi bureau and write Ministry of Interior to cancel passport of Khalid Solangi, the chief of the fraudster gang and repatriate him from Dubai with the help of Interpol.

Khalid Solangi is involved in extorting money, blackmailing various persons and government officers from Dubai by posing himself as Chairman NAB and DG, NAB Karachi.

According to details, the father of accused Aamir Hussain extort money , blackmails government officers and different persons from Dubai by introducing himself as NAB Chairman and DG NAB Karachi.

During investigations the accused Aamir Hussain has revealed startling disclosures and bureau has decided to proceed further into in to the investigations in light of these revelations.

In the compliance to the directives of NAB chairman the bureau has prepared a list of the victims including people as well as government officers. There statements will also be recorded as per law.

Earlier, the NAB Karachi on November 27, 2020 had informed people and government servants through chief secretary Sindh about the illegal activities of some gangs.People were warned through a media campaign advising them not to bribe gangsters as NAB has nothing to do with such gangs because it believes in working under the purview of law and constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan.

It merits mentioning here that Chairman immediately after Assuming coveted responsibilities had devised a proactive anti-corruption strategy to curb the menace of corruption and corrupt practices from society. Since then NAB is pursuing that policy religiously and in last three years arrested 10 gangsters who were involved in looting people by using the name of NAB or posing them as NAB officers.

Chairman had directed intelligence wing to deal with iron hands such fraudsters who are looting the people by using the name of bureau. The intelligence wing has not only arrested 10 such fraudsters but also taking legal action against them.

NAB once inform people that NAB officers are not authorised to summon any accused by telephone. A letter is written to accused or witness if his presence is needed for investigations.

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