NA underlines ‘Muslim unity’ against Islamophobia

Speaker Asad Qaiser while mentioning the atrocities faced by Muslims in Palestine and Indian illegally Occupied Kashmir, said that tyrant forces has not deterred their determination for a separate homeland.


Islamabad (VOM): Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has urged Muslim unity against Islamophobia. He said that Muslim-majority countries should act in unison to counter the growing scourge of Islamophobia. He said that blasphemy does not count as freedom of expression. Speaker Asad Qaiser said this in a meeting with Prof Dr. Ali Erbas, President of Religious Affairs, Turkish Republic (Diyanet) who called on him in Parliament House, Islamabad.

While talking to the visiting dignitary, the Speaker said that Pakistan attaches immense importance to its relations with Turkey since both the countries were intertwined in eternal religious, historic, and cultural bonds. He said that Islam is religion of peace and abhors violence in its all forms and manifestations. He said that Muslims and their attire around the globe were subjected to discrimination and portrayed negatively. He called for a joint strategy to counter such abhorrent attitudes. He appreciated the leading role of the Turkish President against islamophobia.

Speaker Asad Qaiser while mentioning the atrocities faced by Muslims in Palestine and India illegally Occupied Kashmir, said those tyrant forces have not deterred their determination for a separate homeland. He called for peaceful resolution of both the outstanding issues as per international commitments. He appreciated Turkish support for the Palestine and Kashmir issues.

The Speaker referring to the role of Turkish ulema and religious scholar in conveying the message of Islam, said that they preached Islam as a religion of peace, harmony and conveyed the true image of Islam across the world. He called for collaboration between Turkish and Pakistani universities in faculties of religious and scientific education. He appreciated the idea of the establishment of a joint forum of Turkish and Pakistani ulema.

President Turkish Diyanet Dr. Ali Erbas thanked the Speaker for according an arousing welcome to him and his delegation in Pakistan. He said that Turkey and Pakistan have religious, historic, and cultural affinities thus stand close to each other’s hearts. He said that the Turkish Government, legislature and people attach affection for each other. He agreed that the growing trend of islamophobia needs to be tackled jointly. He agreed for cooperate between Turkish and Pakistani universities. He apprised the Speaker about the Diyanet, which serves as a government department set up to administer religious institutions and was an authority within the Turkish Republic.

Minister for Religious Affairs Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Ali Muhammad Khan, other Parliamentarians and members of the Turkish Diyanet were present during the call on.

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