Muslim Genocide in India is already happening


The claims and warnings of an impending genocide in India by international experts have been turned into reality. Muslims in different parts of India are being locked up and their properties are being demolished. The Modi regime following the extremist Hindutva policies of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has pulled the strings of its provincial governments and supporters across India to launch a finish-off campaign against the Indian Muslims. The scenes are gut-wrenching across the so-called democratic state of India where Muslims have become a target of an unjustifiable conviction. “Hindu Right-Wing regime in India bulldozing Muslims houses branding them as rioters in India’s capital! There is no rule of law in India, it is majoritarian whims” says Ashok Swain an Indian analyst.

Religious leaders in India are openly calling for Myanmar-type ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India. RSS is trying its best to force Hindus for starting a genocide against the followers of Islam. India is preparing for a “genocide” of the 200 million Muslims in India, international experts on genocidal violence have warned. Dr. Gregory Stanton, the founder and president of Genocide Watch, said: “Preparation for genocide is definitely underway in India.” He said that persecution of Muslims in Assam and India-occupied Kashmir was a prelude to their massacre. “The next stage is extermination — that’s what we call genocide,” Stanton said that the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the construction of a temple on top of it are a link in the same chain. Speaking of the arrest of hundreds of Muslims by Delhi Police in recent riots and accusations of violence against police is the “denial” stage, the last before the genocide.

Dr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas, a veteran Muslim political activist, asked: “Can a country which claims to be the largest democracy, force its 14% of the population into suppression and submission and deny them their human and constitutional rights without inviting the wrath of the international community?”

The first move is to ban the social media outlets that are voicing against the Indian attempts of Muslim genocide. Hindutva groups and individuals are now openly boasting of successfully pressuring “Twitter into removing accounts belonging to anti-Hindutva and human rights activists, accounts that in no way have violated Twitter’s rules regarding hate speech”, says CJ Werleman an international activist and writer.

Muslim homes and shops are being bulldozed in Jahangirpuri despite the Supreme Court orders of maintaining the status quo, to inflict them with unbearable pain. “Every Muslim has become a mad Jihadi…therefore it’s necessary to wipe Islam from this earth,” a call from a popular nationalist Hindu leader. Rallies of armed Hindu extremists outside mosques to threaten local Muslims in Uttarakhand are now an everyday occurrence. According to The Guardian’s story, the state police have become the mercenaries of the hardline Hindu nationalist government.

All this is happening while the internal human rights organizations, United Nations, Human Rights Watch, and world leaders are silent. Muslims in India are facing the worst situation since the partition in 1947. The Indian government must not only be indicted and sanctioned but their crimes should also be exposed to prevent such acts against humanity.

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