Monsoon & precautionary measures



According to Met Dept, Seasonal Weather Outlook, this year there are chances of extreme weather events and hence high to very high floods may be experienced besides urban flooding for  which utmost and fool proof inter agency and inter provincial coordination needs to be ensured as top most priority the Minister concluded. 


According to Met Dept, this year normal to above normal rains are expected in Northern half of country. The government has ensured complete overhaul of Flood-telemetry stations which will be fully operational in upper river catchments to improve flood forecasting and reaction time. He added that. Federal Flood Commission being the apex flood management agency is fully geared up and operational to oversee all mandated responsibilities.


To manage the floods during the current monsoon season, government has directed the provincial Irrigation Departments to ensure that all the encroachments are removed from the river beds and flood plains. Provincial governments have been urged to legislate for stopping encroachments in the floodplains.


The Federal Government has already facilitated the provinces by providing a Model River Act for enactment. Federal Government at the advent of 2019 Monsoon Season has taken all necessary flood management preparatory measures. Federal Government during the last year approved 13 flood protection schemes for all the four provinces.


At the Federal level, Pakistan Met Department has made its Flood Forecasting Division, Lahore functional which is disseminating daily weather and flood situation and forecasts to all the federal provincial and district level stake holders besides hosting on its website regularly. To facilitate provision of river discharges, reservoirs data and flood related information to higher government offices, a dedicated flood communication cell has also been made functional in the Federal Flood Commission.


Further Indus Commissioner is in liaison with the Indian Commissioner to obtain on daily basis flood discharge data relating to eastern rivers. Minister continued that our Government believes in cooperative spirit for implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty and expects the same from India. In this regard,  it is hoped that Indian government will maintain the past practice of sharing of flood information with Pakistan to save precious lives from the likely menace of flood.

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