MoFA conducts training session on digital diplomacy


Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with Digital Media Wing, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, organized a ‘Twitter for Diplomacy’ training session, virtually. 130 Pakistani diplomats spread over 100 Pakistan Missions abroad participated in the training session conducted by Mr Imran Ghazali, General Manager and Mr Altaf Khan, Director Communications at Digital Media Wing. This training session was in continuation of a series of capacity-building pieces of training that aim to familiarize Pakistan’s diplomats with the emerging digital media landscape as a modern and strategic communication tool. The session aimed at imparting training to Missions Abroad for effective engagement through “Twitter” and increasing outreach to global audiences. The training focused on acquainting participants with tools for proactive ‘twiplomacy’ to project Pakistan’s cultural/public diplomacy, effectively communicate Pakistan’s stance on various issues and enhance the digital outreach of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The training also included a simulation exercise. Digital diplomacy today is necessary for advancing foreign policy goals through proper organization of digital assets and active engagement. It also aligns with Vision F.O. articulated by Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

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