Modi’s moves in Kashmir, Assam to result refugee crisis: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran says Pakistan hosts Afghan refugees despite economic challenges


Ist Global Refugee Forum World

PM Imran, President Erdogan discuss matters of mutual interest in Geneva

ISLAMABAD/GENEVA: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday urged the global community to put pressure on India to stop the humanitarian crisis in occupied Kashmir. Pakistan is still hosting three million Afghan refugees despite being a state that is facing severe economic challenges including poverty and unemployment. The prime minister, who is in Geneva to co-convene the first Global Refugee Forum World, said that Pakistan came into being out of the biggest refugee crisis in the history of mankind.

We are inspired by the Prophet [Peace Be Upon Him] who was also a refugee, he said. The countries that do not have the resources are struggling and cannot look after the population. Refugees causes problems that countries cannot imagine. I am looking at European countries right now as they struggle with the crisis, PM Imran said.




Pakistan has been through this before, the prime minister said. Pakistan is home to 3 million Afghan refugees and we have 1.4 million registered refugees. We are a country that is going through massive unemployment. As a prime minister, I can tell you that we face problems daily but I am proud of my people. The way the way the people of Pakistan have hosted refugees and showed hospitality to them.




The premier said that the point he was trying to make was to tell the world that Pakistan will continue with its efforts to facilitate the Afghan peace process. We are praying that the Afghan peace process happens so that refugees can go back to their country. I want to tell the world that they should be aware of the biggest refugee crisis about to take place, the prime minister said to the participants of the forum.




Referring to the situation in occupied Kashmir as well as neighboring India, the prime minister warned the world community of one of the biggest impending refugee crisis is about to take place due to the steps taken the Narendra Modi government.




On August 5, the Indian forces laid siege to the people of Kashmir. Eight million Kashmiris have been under lockdown, and their leaders imprisoned, the prime minister said. The most important thing the world community needs to understand is that a change in democracy will lead us to having the biggest refugee crisis on our hands.




This could lead to a refugee crisis and the world community must take notice of the situation and put pressure on India to stop this illegal activity of settling in the Hindu population in the held valley. The prime minister cautioned the global leaders that the situation in occupied Kashmir could also lead to a conflict between two nuclear- armed countries.




In my speech at the UNGA [in September], I tried to tell the world about the Indian atrocities in Kashmir. We know from our past experiences that prevention is better than cure, he said. World must put pressure on India to prevent this crisis. We are worried this could lead to a conflict,” he said.




The prime minister further said that the United Nations Secretary-General must also understand the complications of the steps taken by India in Assam to deprive the Muslim population of Indian nationality as well as the recently passed citizenship act. This could have unprecedented consequences and impact on the refugee population. The world must step in to control the situation as Pakistan is bound to suffer because of these Indian steps, the prime minister warned.




The law Citizenship Amendment Act guarantees that minorities in India have rights, except for Muslims. The implication of this act is that those Muslims in India who cannot prove that they are citizens will be de-registered as citizens. If two to three percent of them are unable to prove that they are citizens, where will they go? he questioned. I urge the UNSC and UNHCR to take notice of what is happening next door, the prime minister concluded.




Prime Minister Imran Khan met Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of the first Global Refugee Forum World in Geneva. During the meeting, the prime minister and Turkish president discussed matters related to mutual interests.


PM Imran Khan took Tayyip Erdogan into confidence over his decision to not attend the Malaysia-led Kuala Lumpur Summit, added sources. The premier has also congratulated Turkish president over giving asylum to the highest number of refugees.


Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan telephoned his Malaysian counterpart, Mahathir Mohamad and apprised him about the recent development being undertaken by Pakistan by abstaining from participating in the Malaysia Summit.


Sources close to the foreign office revealed that both leaders talked over the phone yesterday, Monday. Sources further disclosed that the Malaysian government has also issued an official statement on the matter, verifying the news.


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