Modi’s blunder revives Kashmir issue



As atrocities of Indian occupying forces on innocent Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir are increasing with the passage of each day, the fear of losing Kashmir is also getting stronger among the concerned Indian quarters. Now there is a strong realization among the top order of Indian opposition parties that current situation in Kashmir will be tantamount to liberation of Kashmir. This is why, with the passage of each day, despite increased number of troops, and Indian opposition parties are criticizing Modi government for committing blunder of repeal of article 370.

Factually, Modi government by committing the above said blunder has infused a new spirit in the freedom movement of valour Kashmiri nation and it is being realized even at the major capitals of the world. According to international sane circles, the freedom movement is gaining more momentum in result of every suppressing act by Indian troops in Kashmir. Moreover, this blunder by Modi has also brought the issue in international limelight and tense situation between Pakistan and India has made Kashmir as a nuclear flashpoint.

But Modi government instead of reading the writing on the wall, is making all out bids to make lives of Kashmiri people more and more hard and unlivable by inhumanly acts of continuous lockdown, curfew, communication ban and others.

As a latest move, India, which has deprived the occupied Kashmir of all its basic rights and freedom, has also banned the Kashmiris to perform their religious obligations to observe Muharram-ul-Haram. Indian government has now announced that no Muharram procession will be allowed in the occupied territory, fearing that these gatherings could turn into anti-India demonstrations. In occupied Kashmir, a muharram procession at Hassnabad in Srinagar was subjected to brute force by Indian troops.

The troops used pellets, canes and teargas shells, injuring several mourners. A Kashmiri photojournalist was hit by pellets and three other scribes were injured. Since abrogation of special status of occupied Kashmir on 5th August, the Indian authorities have not allowed Jummah prayers at Srinagar’s historic Jamia Masjid and many other main mosques of the valley, which is under continued clampdown for the past over a month.


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