Modi exploiting Pulwama attack for political gains


A noted Indian journalist Hartosh Singh Bal says Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “militaristic approach” is responsible for increasing killings in occupied Kashmir.

Political Editor of The Caravan, a New Delhi-based magazine, wrote this in an article entitled: ‘After terror, polarizing politics in India published in The New York Times today .

He said Modi and his Hindu nationalist party and now exploiting the deaths of paramilitary soldiers in Pulwama for political gains ahead of the national elections. The Indian journalist wrote that since the deaths of the soldiers in Pulwama come three months before general election, an honest evaluation of Mr Modi’s failed policy should have led to him to being held accountable.

He said Mr Modi ratcheted up the rhetoric against Pakistan and suggested that India would retaliate militarily. He said they started it but we will have to finish this war hysteria. Bal wrote that before the attack in Pulwama, Narendra Modi was facing an opposition campaign about unemployment being the highest in 45 years and distress in Indian villages. His party had already lost state elections in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, partly as a result of an acute farm crisis in India. The journalist wrote that Modi and his party seem to be working on a template of exploiting calamitous deaths that they have used before as well.

There are some voices within India conveying a message to Indian government that war with Pakistan is not in favour of India. Pakistan is a country with nuclear capability and has the most professional army in the world. What the rest of the world could not do, Pak Army and the nation has done that and defeated the menace of terrorism. Indian politicians are habitual of using anti-Pakistan slogans in their election campaigns. The drama of Pulwama incident could be an Indian government’s tactics to gather sympathies of people and their votes in upcoming election. It is unlikely that BJP comes into power again as it has lost its popularity among the Indian people. India wants to use water as a weapon against Pakistan by “flagrantly violating” its international treaty obligations but according to the Indus Water Treaty India has eastern waters and India cannot even tap that.

The writer  Amna Malik is the President, Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Mélange int’l Magazine’ and ‘ The Asian Telegraph

Published in The Asian Telegraph, February 25th, 2019

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