Modi a threat to India


After the August 5 move of illegal annexation of Indian Occupied Kashmir by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Kashmir issue has been internationalized and a number of the countries have voiced against the illegal seizure and human rights violations. A British politician George Galloway, who was in Karachi to attend a seminar on human rights abuses in the occupied territory, believes nations around the world will eventually reconfigure their ties with India.
They are not moving towards Modi’s India out of love but out of interest and when a nation loses love, it loses soft power in the world. Modi’s unilateral decision to revoke Kashmir’s limited autonomy and the blatant violation of human rights has tarnished his reputation in the world, and by extension India’s.
The treatment of religious minorities as a whole, the Sikhs, Christians and national minorities within India, and the shocking footage that frequently emerges on social media of people being lynched, effectively by RSS militants has exposed India. Modi is an extremist, who is a threat to India’s secular identity and perhaps to its existence in the long run.
Modi and his government have launched other campaigns against Muslims in India. The world needs to know more about the atrocities in Kashmir. There is a need to show the world what is happening in Kashmir. Under the current scenario when Modi is engaged in making efforts to change the demographics of Indian Occupied Kashmir, it is very important to keep international institutions aware of the atrocities being inflicted on the innocent Kashmiris by Modi’s government.
Curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir has been imposed for the last 107 days and the silence of international community in this regard is lamentable. More than Eight million Kashmiris had been restricted to homes through a curfew. Despite all the tactics India has failed to suppress the voice of the Kashmiris who are fighting for their just right of self-determination rather lost its image at the international level.

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