Model Mariah Idrissi reveals Ramadan excitement in online series


DUBAI: This week, British-Pakistani-Moroccan model Mariah Idrissi sat down for an intimate conversation with the Muslim N’ Young podcast’s “Ramadan Remedies IG Live Tour,” an online social media series that invites special guests to talk about their faith, experiences during Ramadan, and overcoming struggles and hardships.

The “Ramadan Healing Live IG Tour” series, which was founded by co-hosts Jibreel Salaam and Mohamed Hassan, kicked off on March 23. Previous guests include Toronto-based social media influencer Falafel Kimchi, actress and musician Boshia Rae Jean, and award-winning author Tariq Toure.

The 28-year-old often takes to her Instagram account to open up about her faith and has recently shared her excitement about the Holy Month on social media.

“Who’s looking forward to Ramadan?!” she asked her 92,500 Instagram followers. “I am, I actually found last year to be one of the most peaceful and spiritual. Hoping this year is more blessed for us all insha’Allah,” she added.

Born in northwest London to Moroccan and Pakistani parents, the model gained prominence after becoming the first hijab-wearing model to be featured in a campaign for global retailer H&M. She went on to make quite a name for herself — starring in campaigns for major high street retailers, hosting TED Talks, and sharing snaps of her travels with her legion of Instagram followers.

After her breakthrough with H&M, Idrissi went on to participate in projects with leading brands, including MAC Cosmetics and M&S in the Middle East.

She was also recently tapped as a storywriter for Mistah Islah’s new original series on the CS Network titled “Take-Awasian.”The show is about two friends running an Indo-Chinese take-away whilst chasing a dream in the Entertainment industry but hiding it from their cultural parents. Idrissi co-wrote the story alongside Vietnamese actor Michael Truong.

“I still remember Islah shouting in excitement when we were brainstorming saying ‘that’s sick! Write that down!’” said Idrissi of working on the show. “I love being able to tell stories that matter, stories that don’t get to be heard. When Islah came to me with the idea we were both able to put our South Asian spin on it and I really enjoyed developing the storyline.”

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