Mitigating Islamophobia


Islamophobia has emerged as one of the gravest concerns that have jeopardized the contours of harmony and cooperation. The scourge of Islamophobia, fueled by populism, hate speech, and lack of knowledge and disinformation, is causing unimaginable suffering to Muslim minorities around the world. Islamophobia has taken many forms including inter alia negative profiling, mob lynching’s by cow vigilantes, discriminatory laws, attacks on women for wearing hijabs, ban on minarets, negative propaganda and disinformation campaigns, manifestos of far-right parties, deliberate vandalism of Islamic symbols and holy sites, and attempts to link and equate Islam with terrorism. The current government vows to build a better understanding of Islam and Islamic precepts. Furthermore, Pakistan took various diplomatic, measures to bring international solidarity cohesion, and cooperation between the states. Pakistan has emerged as one of the leading actors to raise its voices against Islamophobia and it has taken countless initiatives to bring harmony to the Muslim world by the effective utilization of all the diplomatic platforms. However, the surge in hatred and antipathy against Muslims has been increasing drastically and it requires a collective global effort to overcome such an alarming trend that is pushing the masses towards hostility stemming from the identity. The Muslim community across the world has to stand up together to address such heinous challenges. In this regard, the utility of OIC, GCC platform could serve a key role to highlight the Muslims subjugation and denouncing hatred of anti-Muslim radical ideologies towards religious beliefs. Apart from this, the regional and global platforms must be utilized to build a rational narrative of the Muslims based on the true ideological voices. The modern tools of diplomacy, such as Track II, p2p linkages, and usage of modern technology tools would assist to build the positive image of the Muslims and it will bring cohesion among the societies that are divided because of radical slurs and prejudice worldwide.

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