Mitigating Climate Change


Albeit all the milestones set by the nations, the question of climate change is approaching towards a topsy-turvy turn and we are expecting COP26 this year where the US is also expected to reenter the agreement. The demands of climate activists like young Thunberg -to take any possible measure to ameliorate the globally changing climate conditions- seems legit and even though there had been a slight recovery due to the lockdown but there is still much more we can do to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Ban Ki-Moon was right when he said that climate change is a global challenge and it requires global solidarity. Major challenges emerging from the global climate change, to name a few, are degrading air quality of cities, water scarcity, severe impacts on biodiversity etc. Pakistan is counted among the least contributor in the global climate change, but at the same time, it is also ranked among the most vulnerable and affected countries of the world. The incumbent government has taken initiatives like BTTP and Clean Green Islamabad which increased forestation and improved the air-quality of metropolitan centres but not to an optimum level. Even being a developing and partially industrialized country, Pakistan pledges extend its utmost contribution in reversing the phenomenon of global warming and environmental catastrophe. The quarantine period resulted as a treat for nature but now when it eased down, we need to take action. What a global pandemic achieved in fifty days, the global community collectively was not able to deliver in fifty years. It is a moment to take the challenges of climate change in consideration, not only for the governments and international institutions, but for the individuals, because by changing our patterns of life collectively we can make huge strides.

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