Miley Cyrus Praises Alex Morgan After USWNT Star


NEW YORK: Miley Cyrus’ female empowerment jam Mother’s Daughter has a fan in soccer star and World Cup champion Alex Morgan. The US Women’s National Team’s co-captain revealed she used the star’s single as a pump-up song en route to World Cup matches, drawing praise from Cyrus herself.

 Morgan, 30, opened up about how she knew her choice was unexpected, as many of her teammates prefer louder, more aggressive music, but she enjoyed songs she could sing along to. We were talking about this the other day, like, what we got off the bus and into the stadium to, and mine was, every game, Miley Cyrus’s Mother’s Daughter, she said in a video interview.

 The US Women’s National Team co-captain continued, the thing is, I’m not like, I don’t need like, crazy music. I just want to sing along and stuff, whereas other people’s were like, Fight Night or stuff like that. I was just like, jamming out to Miley, I don’t know.

 Morgan wrapped the video by putting her hands in the shape of a heart and mouthing I love you to Cyrus, 26. The Black Mirror actress took note of Morgan’s fandom, and shared the video to her own Twitter account along with a special message.

 The star released a provocative video for track earlier this month that included her in a latex red catsuit along with images of a mother breastfeeding her baby, a glammed-up person in a wheelchair and a woman posing nude on a couch.

 Meanwhile, Morgan also found support in Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, who praisd the athlete after her controversial tea-sipping celebration. Morgan, citing Turner as inspiration, pretended to sip tea after scoring the game-winning goal against England in the World Cup semifinals, as Turner frequently ends her Instagram Story videos by saying, And that’s the tea.

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