Milano blasts Republicans, Democrats over gun control


In the wake of this past weekend’s mass shootings, Alyssa Milano is calling out Republicans and Democrats for their lack of action over the past two decades when it comes to gun control. In an op-ed for Refinery 29 titled The Lockdown Generation: 20 Years of Failed American Leadership on Guns the actress and activist takes aim at both political parties.
There are so many new orphans in America this weekend; so many children affected. But in the last few weeks, victims as young as 6 and as old as 86 were shot and killed, she writes. Thousands were locked in place in stores and bars, closets and bathrooms. No matter how old you are, if you are alive today, you are part of the Lockdown Generation. And it’s because for the last 20 years our government has failed in its single most important duty: to keep us safe.

Milano continues, let’s be clear. Donald Trump is a white supremacist.
I’ve said it before red hats are the new white hood. Donald Trump is doing his damndest to wage a race war with the sick and cynical goal of attracting votes. And we’re dying because of it. The Insatiable star rattles through which party has been in power since the 1999 Columbine Shooting and has failed to act, pointing the finger at both Republicans and Democrats.
And in 2012 when a young white man killed 20 babies and six of their teachers, both parties failed. Democrats and Republicans together in the Senate killed both an assault weapons ban and a universal background check law, she states. The House didn’t even bother to try they were too busy endorsing their NRA campaign checks in the blood of those babies. President Obama issued 23 relatively weak executive actions, none of which were executive orders. Ultimately even he lacked the courage needed to take strong action on this issue.
The actress encourages readers to get involved. Call your members of Congress and demand they impeach and convict Donald Trump, she writes. If you’re angry, you should be. Our government spent two decades letting it get this bad. It’s going to take direct, sustained action to fix it, she says before listing ways for people to help fight back.
Our commitment, our righteous rage is more powerful than their indifference, she continues. Look at your children. Imagine wrapping your body around them as a hate-filled murderer with a weapon meant for the battlefield opens fire in your supermarket. Or your movie theater. Or your park. Or their school. Imagine them constantly asking someone else when you are coming home. And take our country back.

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