Middle Eastern Quagmire



Middle Eastern peace plan or Trump’s deal of the century was a much-awaited peace plan for the Middle East. The plan was announced on 28th January 2020, by the former president of the US, Donald Trump, and Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu.  The ‘Peace Plan for the Middle East’ proposed that Jerusalem will remain Israel’s undivided capital whereas, an independent state for Palestinians would be established. An investment worth $50 million was allocated to build the infrastructure of both states. According to the plan, Palestine would be required to demilitarize and provide protection to the state of Israel and vice versa. The peace plan also denied the rights of Palestinian refugees to get back to their state. The Palestinian authorities were neither taken into confidence nor were invited to negotiate the terms of the agreement. Trump declared that this proposal could be the last opportunity for Palestinians to decide their fate. This peace plan is a clear demonstration of power, it is less like an agreement and more like a Palestinian surrender declaration where Israel can exercise its immense power, oppression, and brutality over Palestinians and has shelved the state depriving it of its legal and humanitarian rights. Palestinians and the Muslim world has called it a flawed proposal where the plight of Palestinians was completely disregarded.

As President Joe Biden assumed the office, it was anticipated that President would come up with a more concrete and sound solution for the Palestinian cause, but this very issue seems to be absent on President Biden’s foreign policy agenda. However, Biden’s administration has reaffirmed the two-state solution and calls both parties to halt their unilateral measures that disrupt the peace of the region. The administration is likely to restore aid to the state and is willing to reopen diplomatic engagements with the state. But none of its policy seems to alter the impractical and unreasonable unilateral agreement that has speared the rights of Palestinians. Hence the Biden’s administration should take up the Palestinian cause as their priority and should find a reasonable solution using the multilateral channels as a norm of a free, fair, and democratic world.



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