MGI Summit


KSA holds the inaugural Middle East Green Initiative Summit convened more than 20 heads of state from across the region to endorse targets for shared environmental commitments.  World leaders including Pakistan’s Imran Khan also participated in the mega event. The Summit is an extension of the inaugural Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) Forum and the ancillary event, Youth Green Summit, both addressing Saudi Arabia’s climate pledges as well as the initiatives that will shape the country’s sustainable future. As part of MGI, Saudi Arabia will work with Middle Eastern neighbors to combat climate change under a number of initiatives, including developing the largest reforestation program in the region with plans to plant an additional 40 billion trees across the Middle East, restoring an area equivalent to 200 million hectares of degraded land, which will reduce 2.5 % of global carbon levels, and reduce carbon emissions from hydrocarbon production in the region by more than 60%, and more initiatives which will together achieve carbon emission reductions of more than 10 percent of global contributions. It is the defining economic and social narrative of contemporary Saudi Arabia: a mission statement broken down into 96 strategic objectives that in its approach mimics the documents produced by multinationals seeking corporate change. Here in the world’s second largest oil producer and the home to the Two Holy Mosques, however, it is being adopted to transform a country. The plan’s genesis, unsurprisingly given its format, came from the work of management consultants. This warned that the realities of a changing global energy market, and a population boom that will lead to millions of young Saudis coming on to the job market in coming years, shock treatment was needed to wean the country off its dependency on oil revenues and create a thriving private sector.

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