Meghan’s 90s throwback snaps


LONDON: Ladies if there was ever a doubt that with every new decade comes the opportunity to ‘glow up’, let it be wiped away with these throwback pics of a 90s lovin’ Meghan Markle. We’re used to seeing Meghan dressed to pared-back perfection, her hair carefully styled and her make-up matte and chic. So when a picture of her from the 90s began to circulate we did a double take. Sitting on top of her friend’s lap, Meghan is proudly sporting a chocolate frosted lip and skinny brows.

The picture was uploaded to an Instagram page called Nineties Anxiety which features hundreds of throwback snaps. Meghan is wearing a blue velvet dress and her usually curly hair is straightened. The whole thing is peak 90s from her friend’s black tattoo choker, the shimmery silver shadow and the barrel curls.


Another snap shared on the site shows her a year on in a decidedly more daring ensemble. The future Duchess opted for a black sparkling gown with a deep neckline as she headed off to her senior dance. She looked a bit more like the Meghan we know as she opted to tie her hair up in a bun with heavy bangs to frame her face to give it that unmistakable 90s vibe.


The caption reads: ‘Meghan Markle poses with her first boyfriend, Luis Segura at a high school Christmas dance in Los Angeles, December 1997.’ Of course, in the decades since Meghan has become a successful actress and human rights’ activist. She also tied the knot to Prince Harry and became a mother to her darling little boy, baby Archie!


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