Media Framing Narratives


The media plays an integral role in influencing trends in the modern world. Information and narratives now have significant powers to change and influence the way people think and act, and more importantly, the reasoning they portray on various topics in their societies. The media plays a significant role in pushing for specific narratives and messages in the modern world. The current media has emerged as the most advanced system of communication that humanity has ever experienced. Unlike in the past when information and narratives could take long periods to reach people, today the situation is significantly different owing to the developments that the modern media has seen in recent years.

With the advent of fast-forward information technology and intelligence, the rival states are busy innovating ways to extend their power by increasing their influence over each other. Narrative framing has gained significance in recent years as Media has emerged as the most active battleground for the adversaries to propagate their narratives. It is rightly said that the war of narratives is dominating the warfare between the rival states, and even between the states and non-state actors.

Media is playing a crucial role in the narrative building across the globe. Pakistan is no exception. As Pakistan progresses, the fourth pillar of democracy has an ever-increasing critical role to play in nation-building, forming narratives, and stimulating change – not only within the country but also how it is perceived beyond its borders. Therefore, the media’s role is essential for the national narrative building in Pakistan.

The narrative building is strongly linked with hybrid warfare as winning the war of narrative is essential to win the hybrid warfare. The threat posed by hybrid warfare is real. Hybrid warfare employs a wide array of power tools, including political, economic, military, asymmetric, civil. Additionally, it includes informational tools such as diplomacy, terrorism, proxies, and economic attacks to persuade populations or to divide societies. Hybrid warfare targets the vulnerabilities of a society and system while deliberately exploiting ambiguity to avoid detection. While narrative building plays a significant role to achieve the objectives in hybrid warfare against the rival state or non-state actor.


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