Masses reject opposition’s protest call: PM

Imran says opposition is misleading people on foreign funding case



Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that opposition parties were misleading people on foreign funding case. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had submitted all the details to the Election Commission of Pakistan and it will get clean chit in foreign funding case, a source quoted Prime Minister Khan as having said.
The prime minister said that both Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) made money via money laundering. Presiding over the spokespersons meeting, PM Imran directed to update the masses about all the aspects of the foreign funding case. Talking about opposition’s protest and APC, PM Imran said, masses have rejected the opposition’s protest call. He said that the opposition has lost people’s confidence and it will have to wait for four more years.
Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan also launched the Clean Green Pakistan Index, and said that his government remains fully focused on its commitment to improve the deteriorating environmental condition across the country. The prime minister, at the index’s launch ceremony in Islamabad, said that the air in Lahore is not breathable and the conditions of the city are hazardous for both the old and young.
He said that air pollution in Lahore has reached to the worst possible extent, terming it a silent murder. We do not even know how many people have been affected by it, he added. The premier said we used to think that Delhi was the most polluted city and rued that Lahore has also reached a similar level.
PM Imran said that this was because no one thought what we had to do, adding that we have been cutting our trees and in the last 10 years over 70 per cent of Lahore’s city has been deforested. We ruined our rivers by disposing off our sewage in it, said Prime Minister Imran.
The premier said that no government can make the country clean and green alone as he appealed to the youth to also become a part of the campaign. We do not value this Pakistan and when we do then Pakistan will look green, he said. The Clean Green Pakistan Index aims at improving overall green and clean outlook of cities.
Imran Khan said every segment of the society including the administration, the elected representatives and the youth should become part of the clean and green initiative to fight environmental degradation and protect the future of this country. He said it was due to the participation of the people that we planted one billion trees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa over a period of five years. Now we will make the entire country green with particular focus on the cities where specific areas will be identified for plantation. The Prime Minister said the government will gradually increase funds for this campaign.
Imran Khan said that an efficient local bodies system is also being introduced in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces. This system envisages empowerment of the people at the grassroots level.
He said the elected representatives at the village level will also be made part of the regional level competitions on environmental indicators. Describing the pollution as the silent killer, the Prime Minister regretted that Lahore has become the second or third most polluted cities in the world as no effort was made in the past to protect its environment. He said the last ten years saw the city losing seventy percent of its green cover.
Imran Khan said this country is blessed with immense resources including twelve climatic zones, fertile land and natural resources. He said we need to value these resources in order to help the country stand on its own feet. He said given the immense beauty of the country, it will be made a destination for tourism. Addressing the ceremony, Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said the government is committed to make Pakistan a clean and green country.
He said in the first phase of this drive, healthy cleanliness competition will be conducted in 19 cities. He said students from schools and universities are being engaged in the drive. He urged general public to make this drive success. The Adviser said the youth of country should register and participate in this drive and the government will recognize and reward those who actively participate. He said electric vehicles will be introduced to reduce environmental pollution in the country. The Adviser said the government is planning to prevent the water wastage as thousands of gallons of clean water are being wasted in the sea due to lack of policies in utilizing water resources.

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