Masood urges UNSC to convene sessions on Kashmir



Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, has said that the United Nations Security Council has to continue convening sessions on Kashmir and take cognizance of India’s actions.

The President made these remarks while addressing an event here in Brooklyn organised by the local diaspora community.

The President while speaking to his audience said that Indian Occupied Kashmir is under siege and people have been imprisoned in their homes. He said that Indian forces are picking up young Kashmiris and sending them to jails all over India. These detainees are subjected to torture and denied their basic rights.

The President said that after the August 5 curfew, the international media has presented a factual narrative about the situation in Kashmir and he urged his audience to continue to the raise their voices and help create awareness on the plight of the Kashmiris.

He said that the convening of a Security Council session on Kashmir was only possible due to the efforts of Pakistan. He said that the Security

Council should have proactively taken up the Kashmir issue and not waited for any communiqués.

He said that the UN must continue to convene sessions on Kashmir and insist upon India to restore the rights of the Kashmiris and play a positive role in helping implement the UN resolutions regarding the exercise of the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people. Commending the role of the diaspora community, the President said that our diaspora community has actively taken up the Kashmir issue. He said that the world is becoming more aware of the situation and reality of the issue.

He said that the world community including major parliaments of the world needs are now discussing the Kashmir issue. He said that in the recent past the European Union in its Plenary Session formerly discussed the  Kashmir issue. He said that we must benefit from the window that has been provided to us and continue to raise awareness on the Kashmir issue.

Speaking to his audience the president said that India has for itself identified three targets; firstly, the people of IOK; secondly, the people living along the LOC on AJK; and thirdly, Pakistan as a whole. He warned his audience that India has initiated a war against Pakistan and its extremist government has vowed to disintegrate Pakistan.

He said that the Hindutva ideology adopted by the current Indian government advocates the supremacy of the Hindi religion. This he said has led to mob lynchings of Muslims, forced conversions and restrictions on practicing religions other than Hinduism.

The President said that the people of Kashmir people in the world as they are fighting 900,000 well-armed Indian forces. He said that now Indian Defence Minister has threatened to “retake” Azad Kashmir. He warned that if any such move is made, Azad Kashmir would be a graveyard for the Indian army.

“India has started this war and Pakistan and the people of Kashmir will end it”, he said.

President AJK said that all the political parties of Pakistan are united on Kashmir said that such unity of all the parties is unprecedented.

The event was also addressed by Chaudhry Yaseen, AJK Legislative Assembly’s Opposition Leader, Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, and leading community members.

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