Marvel superheroes return in quirky black-and-white sitcom


LOS ANGELES: When the Marvel superhero movies reached their box office-shattering climax in 2019, nobody could have predicted the saga’s next installment would be a kitsch, black-and-white TV sitcom called “WandaVision.”

Making its debut on Jan.15 on Disney+, “WandaVision” stars witch Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), and other-worldly android Vision (Paul Bettany), two B-list superheroes who struck up an unlikely but fan-favorite romance across several recent Marvel films.

“WandaVision” finds them — without explanation — living happily married in the idyllic 1950s town of Westview, which is seemingly lifted straight from an episode of “Bewitched” or “I Love Lucy.”

They still have superpowers, but have traded battles with genocidal villains for a cozy world of school fundraisers, neighborhood watch meetings and anniversary dinners.

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