Maritime Tourism Robust


Midst of technological advancement trends and efficient transportation interconnectivity mechanisms, global maritime tourism witnessed resounding growth in recent years. Nonetheless, Pakistan’s coastline belt remained in doldrums, yet to mark its triumph through becoming Panacea of domestic economic woes by aligning contours of maritime tourism with the blue economy. The 1050 KM long coastal belt configures interprovincial geographic proximities between Sindh and Baluchistan which also linchpin imperatives of strategic resources and security exigencies of the country, withal extraordinary beauty of its beaches, fascinating ecological sites and archeological heritage offers diversified opportunities to unfold prospects of optimum maritime tourism growth in the region.

Appraisal suggests, given the potential that coastline belt offers, a new maritime tourism corridor can be established to attain far-fetched manifold socio-economic benefits. First, it would offer extensive pathways of strengthening the economic fortunes of the entire belt which considerably remain dispossessed. Secondly, it will robust the mainstream tourism sector and in foreseeable future can serve as a key driver to outscore other Asian maritime tourism industries by attracting the majority of global tourists. Thirdly, the construction of an entirely new industry would pave employment and foreign direct investment opportunities through refurbishing social and economic architecture of two major provinces which relatively remained deprived.

However, mere rhetoric cannot bring substantial fallouts, on practical grounds over years, the expansion of maritime tourism remained insignificant due to government insularity in fostering cross-cutting policy aspects and averting deficient competitive maritime touristic facilities. Although the resilient counterinsurgency efforts by law enforcement agencies made the environment conducive for tourism activities but misperceptions of security vulnerability tarnished the image of the region and geographical constraints left it untapped even for local populace.

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