Margot Robbie’s performance makes Sharon Tate’s sister cry



Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood sparked an emotional reaction from the late actress’s sister Debra Tate. The young American actress was murdered by the Manson Family 50 years ago, and in an interview with Vanity Fair, Debra explained how Margot’s performance in the movie brought out some big tears when she visited Quentin Tarantino’s movie set.

Debra now 66-years-old revealed how Margot’s portrayal affected her, she made me cry because she sounded just like Sharon. The tone in her voice was completely Sharon, and it just touched me so much that big tears started falling. The front of my shirt was wet. I actually got to see my sister again… nearly 50 years later. Meanwhile, Sharon’s sister also said that she wished the filmmaker had done the Sharon Tate story as opposed to Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) being the central focus.

I would love to see Margot play that she noted in the interview. But that was not the movie that Quentin had written, and I knew it and I understood it. And it was his vision. I’m not going to tell anybody that has done such a wonderful job, and a respectful job at honouring a particular situation, that they have to do my version of a story. Although I really wish he would’ve. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is out now in the US and will be released in UK cinemas on August 14.

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