Madam Naoko WADA hosts “Celebration of Spring”


ISLAMABAD, Madam Naoko WADA, spouse of Ambassador of Japan celebrated the changing of seasons with ladies of diplomatic missions on the occasion of “Hina Matsuri(dolls festival)” and “Hanami(cherry blossom viewing)” at the Ambassador’s residence.

“Hina Matsuri” is celebrated on the 3rd of March. Japanese families with young girls celebrate this festival by displaying dolls, wishing for their sound growth, health and happiness. “Hanami” is the Japanese traditional custom to enjoy the ephemeral beauty of flowers, especially cherry blossom in spring. These traditions began more than one thousand years ago in Japan.

The event started with an informative lecture regarding the Japanese culture relating to “Hina Matsuri” and “Hanami” which was followed by lunch under the cherry blossoms specially cooked for this occasion by the Japanese professional chef.

They also celebrated the Emperor’s birthday which is on the 23rd of February.

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