Love PTI, Trust a Q! Why JKT?


Right after Elections 2018, PMLQ’s tractor pushed itself to limit to secure importance in the largest province of Punjab. Suddenly the “Kingmakers” of Gujrat felt that their tractor is ready to plow the fresh political fields of Punjab. As the Choudhry Brothers examined the fields and political weather through their endless experience of politics, they dictated their terms loud and clear to their ally PTI via Jahangir Khan Tareen a.k.a JKT.

Why JKT “Loves none, Trusts a few”?

Well, for several reasons. To start with, we all remember how busy his private jet was during the hectic task of political horse-trading of independent winners for forming a government not only in the federal but in the largest province of Punjab. He openly challenged all odds and boasted that he is doing it for his leader Imran Khan. In reality, he was selling PTI MPAs to Kingmakers at the cost discussed below.

The Imranists had to believe him as he was delivering at his best. He successfully helped PTI to bag edgy majority in federal as well as Punjab. As a successful businessman, he certainly invested lavishly considering it an excellent long-term political investment. It was an investment seemingly on PTI but he got his guarantees sealed from Gujrat on his future political legacies.

It was the very time when the likes of Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Fawad Choudhry, and Raja Yasir Sarfraz were saddling their horses alike to reach 7 Club Road, Lahore. As Shah Mehmood Qureshi has already been echoed for a top-notch foreign minister’s slot, he was considered out of the race. Whereas, Raja Yasir Sarfraz was not acceptable to the “House of Natt” for his being highly educated and presentable. They feared that PTI could sustain pressures through his presence easily.

The kingmakers didn’t want to crown a well-phrased, intelligent, shrewd, and adaptive politician like Fawad Choudhry in Punjab. Surely a Chief Minister of Punjab like Fawad Choudhry would’ve been alarmingly tough for not only PMLN but PMLQ alike. His presence would’ve strengthened PTI for its future Punjab quests as he is considered as someone gutsy enough to ravel through the Thrones like Hamza Shehbaz and Moonis Elahi.

All that the Kingmakers of Gujrat wanted was to have a Chief Minister of Punjab who is politically a eunuch and JKT provided them with Usman Buzdar, who was the best of the lot. Pervez Elahi became speaker of the Punjab Assembly and all went according to their plans.

The question to ponder is why Jahangir Khan Tareen would do that to PTI by playing a double political role. And the answer to it is the fact that Pakistan has a habit of “Premiering” English Grads, Imran Khan being the Sixth of the Oxfordians.

As PPP received its next Premier contender, Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari at the airport in 2015, another Oxfordian was felt eyeing upon the top slot. Whereas Junaid Safdar, son of Political heiress of former premier Nawaz Sharif, is currently enrolled at London School of Economics for his Masters in Political Sciences. After his mother’s Panama Scandals, one can easily predict that if she was trying to portray BB of PMLN then surely Junaid Safdar can never be negated from this political equation to become Bilawal of PMLN.

The most recent of the Oxford Grads amongst all the emerging political figures is Ali Khan Tareen, who famously soft-tweeted the absence of his father JKT from his graduation ceremony for the sake of presidential elections of ‘Naya Pakistan’. Verily, JKT has larger ambitions for his son to accomplish than merely seeing his son receiving an MBA degree.

Politics is all about creating opportunities and the tractor has surely created its opportunities for the throne of Punjab through glitzy flights of JKT private jets. Tractors wanted to be feared and cornered batsmen on the pitch of Punjab so that they can easily plow the cricketing park along with the pitch. They are securing their political future in the shape of Moonis Elahi who is all set and equipped to counter Hamza Shehbaz. In the coming future, where Hamza & Moonis would be competing for Punjab, PTI won’t find anyone prominent enough to rule Punjab ranks.

Moreover, Imran Khan being strictly an Anti-Hereditary politician, JKT can sense that his influence within a large chunk of PTI and capabilities of his seriously able son can ensure that Khan will consider the case of Ali Khan Tareen to hold the reins of the party.

Now that’s what you call politics!

Meanwhile, PMLQ would carry on creating pressure on PTI to gain provincial momentum so to attract itchy successful politicians from central and south Punjab. They might seek the hands of Choudhry Nisar and Sheikh Rasheed to shake the fragile PMLN to further weaken it. Tractor seeks a full majority at least in Punjab for the next elections but if they are not lucky enough, they want to keep PTI around them in the shape of JKT. Tareen being ethnically Pashtoon, married into Makhdooms of South Punjab and one of the richest politicians of Pakistan indeed has all it takes to do national politics.

As for as PTI is concerned, under the leadership of politically impotent Usman Buzdar, their poor performance in Punjab would deepen the ditch dug by PMLQ courtesy JKT. There will be further instances where PMLQ would portray disgruntled over their own orchestrated setup. They are already busy winning back the province’s strong civil administration.

As Akbar Hameedi once quoted Quaid e Azam saying about other leaders working under him that he had fake coins in his pocket. It isn’t far that Imran Khan might has to repeat same about his batsmen and promoters of “Wasim Akram”.

Note: The article was authored in January 2019 but could not get published.

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