Losing to Android was the greatest mistake: Bill Gates


Bill Gates has conceded that his greatest mistake ever was failing to put Microsoft in Android’s position as the world’s biggest non-Apple mobile operating system. The Microsoft co-founder was reflecting on the era when the market was shifting toward mobile, in an interview. Bill Gates on Startups, Investing and Solving The World’s Hardest Problems There are few opportunities more rewarding as an early-stage venture firm than allowing your portfolio founders … In the software world, particularly for platforms, these are winner-take-all markets. So the greatest mistake ever is whatever mismanagement I engaged in that caused Microsoft not to be what Android is. That is, Android is the standard non-Apple phone platform. That was a natural thing for Microsoft to win, he said. It really is winner take all. If you’re there with half as many apps or 90% as many apps, you’re on your way to complete doom. There’s room for exactly one nonApple operating system and what’s that worth? $400 billion that would be transferred from company G to company M. He suggested that Microsoft being distracted by an antitrust lawsuit was a factor in Google having the chance to get into the mobile market.— VoM

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