Local Government System


Local government system is considered as a soul of democracy, a real democratic State comprises a strong Local government system. In Pakistan, this system was introduced by President Ayub Khan in 1960’s and still it is in a developing phase.  There is no doubt that local issues and problems are always better known by local representatives.  All the developed countries are enjoying the perks and privileges of LG system. To establish a strong local governance, decentralization of power is the first step to go for, because when the power gets transferred to the local level, only then will the local bodies would be able to regulate the writ of state at grass root level. Prime minister Imran Khan also highlighted this point during his visit to Faisalabad; in his meeting with business and civil community he expressed his views that Faisalabad needs a mayor who will be the responsible for the city’s internal affairs like the other developed cities of the world. He also highlighted that in Pakistan there is a dilemma that the previous governments establish a so-called handicapped local governments that are incompetent and unable to meet the problems of the people living in remote areas. He assured that our government is trying to establish exemplary local governance that would be capable than ever.

In the development of local government system, educated youth of the State should also play its role because it requires a two way effort; from the upper side, government is striving hard to manage an appreciated LG system and from lower level, it is the responsibility of the citizens to come forward to lay a democratic foundation together with the government. LG system will also curb the extreme nepotism which is deeply enrooted in the country’s political system. It will improve the capacities and capabilities of the state. Moreover, members of the Provincial and National Assemblies would be able to focus on legislative mechanism, which is their real job. Decentralization of power is favorable for all the segment of the society and most importantly state should be able to deal with the minorities on free and fair basis.

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