Local Elections of KP


The ruling Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf has dominated the second phase of local bodies elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where its candidates also achieved victory at tehsil councils Besham in Shanga and Adenzai in Lower Dir districts. According to provisional consolidated results issued by the respective returning officers, PTI has outclassed political rivals at Besham and Adenzai Tehsil Councils where its candidates Saeed ur Rehman with 7,662 votes and Ferooz Shah with 15,518 votes secured victory against JUIF candidates Emad Khan with 4,431 votes and Javed Iqbal with 7,966 votes respectively. Similarly, independent candidate Bilal Khan with 1,517 votes secured victory at Tehsil Council Razmak in North Waziristan tribal district against runner-up JUIF candidate Ziaul Haq who bagged 1,299 votes. In Tehsil Council Pattan in Lower Kohistan, independent candidate Rehmatullah clinched victory with 7,248 votes defeating JUIF Khan Member who begged 5,908 votes. It can be seen that the popularity of PTI is gaining momentum. The level of public participation in the prime minister’s ‘Jalsa’ and rallies spoke volumes about how happy the people are with the government policies. At the end of 3 years in power, Imran Khan holds popularity nationally and internationally. PTI’s popularity is on the rise while PMLN seeing a significant drop in a recent survey conducted in Lahore. PTI’s economic performance likely had a lot to do with a 5% popularity rise while PMLN’s “work from home (London) revolution” failure likely gave them a 16% decline. Prime Minister Imran Khan has “thanked” the Opposition bigwigs for moving a no-confidence motion against him, saying it helped his party regain popularity. PTI government is fully confident about its victory in the next general elections of Pakistan after gaining victory in the local elections of KPK. The time will decide the fate of the ruling party, as the joint opposition will be there to give a tough time.

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