Lindsay tries her luck on Liam


Hollywood actor Linsday Lohan had grasped everyone’s attention after she dropped some flirtatious comments on the recently-divorced Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth.
The 33-year-old Freaky Friday actor rubbished rumours of her trying her luck on Miley Cyrus’s ex-husband shrugging all of it as nothing more than just “gossip.”
The actor, was massively trolled online for dropping a pray emoji underneath one of his posts and another message of her expressing dismay over not meeting him in Sydney or Bondi.
However, all of the chitchat about her trying her luck on The Hunger Games star was shut down as she appeared live New Year’s Eve coverage.
All the people are writing that you’ve been commenting on Liam Hemsworth’s Instagrams and they want you two to get together. Just so you know. People are trying to manifest that to happen, Andy Cohen had asked her.
Responding to that, she said: I think that comes from me being in Australia for another season of The Masked Singer, which we’re doing.
He surfs a lot and I work with the WOW Foundation, for Waves of Wellness [a surf therapy organization], in Australia. So that’s a very important thing for us. And so I’m working with them a lot and bringing people with energy together and he surfs and then people took that the wrong way, she continued. We always have gossip in our life, you know that, she added.

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