Pakistan’s Response to Climate Change


World has confronted countless challenges in the history. The nature, sphere and impact of these challenges were never the same. In today’s world, climate change, which was an environmental issue once, has become a serious security challenge for the entire world. Climate change has been declared as a global and challenge for the world in 21st century as it has global impact regardless of the location or boundaries. Though Pakistan is not a major contributor to climate change but it’s among the countries which are most vulnerable towards climate change. The effects of climate change such as food insecurities, water issues, extreme weather and rise of sea level have raised concerns in Pakistan.

In response to climate change, Pakistani governments have taken various initiatives especially the current government is taking the issue more seriously. For example, on 25th November 2019, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched an initiative, called as Clean Green Pakistan Index (CGPI), as part of government’s efforts to mitigate the pollution issues and effects of climate change in Pakistan.

In addition to it, Billion Tree Tsunami project in Pakistan has been hailed by the international community. This project was completed, in 2017, by the current ruling party PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is north-western province of Pakistan.  After making federal government in Pakistan, PTI has launched Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project which aims to plant 10 billion trees within five years.  Prime Minister Imran Khan while commenting on this project stated that it is gigantic step to reduce the effects of climate change and conserve the environment. Moreover, the government of Pakistan introduced Renewable Energy Policy in 2019. According to this new policy, 30% of total power generation will be generated by renewable resources by 2030 in Pakistan.

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