Let’s respect the human rights at individual level


We, humans, have equal rights to proceed in our lives individually. No one is inferior to any other, no matter how powerful and wealthy another person is. It doesn’t require some specific characteristics to earn these rights when it comes to basic human necessities. Yes, one has to be equally capable of getting what all might not be in everyone’s face.   Awareness is indeed the first initiative to get informed yourself and when you get enough information about a particular issue disseminate it accordingly.  Basic human rights cannot be attained unless you know about your rights and the way to attain them. This is something essential for everyone. Fundamental freedom is one of the rights which need proper protection and support. Support can only be provided if all the related aspects and necessities are known by every individual. Don’t be hesitate to know what all is essential for you to know. We are not born as slaves so we should not let anyone to treat us the way which is quite inhuman.

Like many other rights, the freedom to know about the things related to your life is also part of the whole practice. No one can take this right back from you. Sometimes in some particular circumstances when the freedom of knowledge is detained by some source, it becomes compulsory to raise your voice in order to get back what all belongs to you. Sometimes you have to fight out to get back your belongings when they are being abducted or constrained. No one will speak in your favor until and unless you will consider this need. You have to show your concern only than others will realize in case if they are not realizing themselves. There is no shortcut to being successful in your life and obviously there is no success at all if you are not aware of your fundamental rights whether you are a man, woman, or adult. Everything is very well prescribed you just have to seek the execution and actually have to work hard for it. Be an initiator to spread the words of knowledge that can further take you to achieve everything which is your right as a human.

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