Lesya Ukrainka’s ceremony has taken the friendship between Pakistan and Ukraine to the public level: Amb Markian


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) and the Embassy of Ukraine in Islamabad hosted a special function on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka. The Ambassador of Ukraine, Mr. Markian Chuchuk, and the Parlimentary Secretary for National Heritage & Culture, Ghazala Saifi, spoke on the subject.
Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL, delivered the welcome address and introduction of the event.
Madam Tetiana Chuchuk, First Lady, Embassy of Ukraine, delivered the welcome address. Dr. Olena Bordilovska of the Ukrainian Embassy presented documentaries on the life and work of Lesya Ukrainka. Nadia Zulqarnain presented the Declamation of “Forest Song” in Urdu. Prof. Dr. Sofia Yousuf and Prof. Dr. Safir Awan presented articles on the personality and art of Lesya Ukrainka. Musical performances were presented by the Ukrainian Embassy and Lok Virsa. Mureed Rahmoon, Joint Federal Secretary, National Heritage and Culture Division, expressed his gratitude. Munir Fayyaz was the moderator.
Mr. Markian Chuchuk, Ambassador of the Embassy of Ukraine, said that the Urdu translation of Lesya Ukrainka’s poetry would open new doors for Pakistan and Ukraine. Today’s event has taken the friendship between Pakistan and Ukraine to the public level. I would like to thank the Chairman, PAL and all the dignitaries of the National Heritage and Culture Division for organizing such a wonderful event. Ghazala Saifi, Parlimentary Secretary, National Heritage & Culture, said that Pakistan and Ukraine are enjoying good relations from the last 28 years. We have a great potential for the development of bilateral relations. The relations between Ukraine and Pakistan will develop further in the coming years. She said that it is an immense pleasure for me to speak on poetry and poets and specially to speak on such a globally acknowledged poetic figure like Lesya Ukrainka is yet a moment of great pride for me. Poets speak the language of love, peace and compassion. Poets and poetry deal in truth, the truth of human feelings and emotions. Nations are formed in the imagination and vision of poets before appearing on the map of the world. She said that during her 43 years sojourn in the world she composed such poems that are still read and appreciated everywhere in the world.
Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL, while delivering a welcome address and introduction, said that the Academy seeks to enhance literary relations with all countries of the world. We will further strengthen literary ties with Ukraine. He said that I strongly believe that countries may differ in size, population, rate of growth, Economic conditions but always stand united in terms of Literature and literary achievements. Literature reflects human life and with thousands of differences in ways of living and cultural aspects, human life is same everywhere. He said that the literary ties among nations are mandatory, for they help us to know each other and share our common concerns and achievements. He said that in short, Lesya Ukrainka’s entire poetry reflects her strong patriotism and optimism even in difficult hours. I am sure her poetry will open doors of cemented literary relations between two nations. Pakistan is rich in literary traditions. We have the finest poets and writers of the world. The exchange of literary ideas will foster our bilateral relations and we’ll be able to promote people to people contacts well.
Madam Tetiana Chuchuk ,the First Lady, Embassy of Ukraine, said that Lesya Ukrainka was a great Ukrainian poet of the twentieth century. Her poetry is based on nature. She was a very enthusiastic woman. Her poetry is read all over the world and has been translated into many languages. The themes of humanity, love and patriotism are very important in his poetry.
Dr. Olena Bordilovska of the Ukrainian Embassy, said that Lesya Ukrainka belonged to an academic family. She knew many languages. She took a special interest in Oriental studies.
Dr. Sofia Khushk said that Lesya Ukrainka is a poetess of love and humanity. Lesya Ukrainka
is one of the architects of modern Ukrainian literature. She translated classic literature into Ukrainian. There is an element of hope instead of despair in her writings.
Dr. Safir Awan said that freedom and hope are important references in the poetry of Lesya Ukrainka. He said that Lesya Ukrainka’s services to Ukrainian literature, culture and the struggle for independence are unforgettable.
Report by Sohail Majeed Butt

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