Lessons from pandemic


Pandemic Coivd-19 has devastated the contours of the existing world. Over one year of 15 months, it has become one of the most alarming challenges that the modern world ever faced with. With no end in sight, this deadly virus continues to escalate while human sufferings have increased drastically. At one end the global world is plugged in with the fear and insecurities due to changing patterns of life, the virus also brought swift changes that revamped the lifestyle of millions of people, irrespective of their social class differences. From Asia to Europe, Africa to Australia and America, in particular, ensued with a mammoth blow that has jeopardized the existing trending of life. There is no doubt that the global outbreak of this pandemic has increased the crisis but it also gave humans fruitful lessons. First, it has proven that global integration remains a humanly desired prospect, otherwise, masses can still survive without the concept of transnational integrations. Secondly, it has exposed the real face of all the states concerning their social and economic prosperity For instance, over the decades the developed countries such as the UK, USA, and other European nations were idealized by the least developing countries concerning their strong healthcare and social mechanisms. Nevertheless, it has never been the case, such a developed state badly exposed and also starving for the improved health facilities in the country just like a third world state. Third, the pandemic spread raised serious concerns about the key concepts of globalization and liberalism. Fourth, the simmering crisis necessities the focus on investments on improving the fundamental social, economic, and security aspects of human lives to improve rather than building a military arsenal through investing trillion dollars in weapons and ammunition. Fifth, it also paved the path for global cooperation to address the key challenges and issues posed to the world amid a rising pandemic

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