Legend Ustad Salamat Ali Khan recalled on nineteenth passing commemoration


By VoM

One of the extraordinary maestros in old style music, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan was recalled on his nineteenth demise commemoration on Saturday (today).

Ustad Salamat Ali Khan was conceived in 1934 in the Hoshiarpur area of Punjab. He started into old style music along with his senior sibling Nazakat Ali Khan under the capable direction of their dad Ustad Vilayat Ali Khan at the young ages of five and seven individually.

They were at first shown the premise of dhrupad yet later focused on learning khayal because of its expanding fame.

It was simply following two years of preparing that they made their introduction at the esteemed Harballabh Mela in 1941. They performed Raag Mian ki Todi and were exceptionally valued, electronic channels detailed.

Salamat was at that point an ideal artiste in his childhood. At Partition, Ustad Salamat and his family moved to Pakistan and settled at Multan.

After about 10 years they moved by and by, this chance to Lahore, where they continued their radio projects.

In 1955 Nazakat-Salamat were welcome to the All India Music Conference in Calcutta. They were the main craftsmen of the subcontinent to be reserved continuously for a long time at the Calcutta meetings. The 1965 war among India and Pakistan, be that as it may, put an unexpected end to that.

In 1974 after certain distinctions, the siblings went separate ways and Salamat became something of a performance demonstration. He kept on sparkling, visiting England, America, Holland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Afghanistan, Nepal and Singapore.

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