Lebanese artist Nourie Flayhan partners with US fashion label in celebration of women


DUBAI: Lebanese artist Nourie Flayhan has partnered with Los Angeles-based fashion label House of Aama on a tote bag that honors women in North Africa and southwest Asia.

The bag, which is available on US e-tailer Shopbop, features an illustration of a woman holding a cup of Arabic coffee, fig trees and gold jewelry — things that Arab women are famous for.

As part of the collaboration, 20 percent of proceeds will be donated to TBD, an organization that promotes gender equality and supports women.

The partnership came right in time for International Women’s Day.

Flayhan is a well-known advocate of women’s rights.

She often draws colorful sketches of women in the region. Most of her illustrations feature multiple hands or eyes.

In 2020, the artist collaborated with Italian luxury label Gucci Beauty for artworks that featured imaginary characters pictured at home.

In an interview with the brand, she spoke about her vision of wanting to change the narrative about being Arab and a woman of color.

“The women of color, the diaspora around me that I grew up and the lack of representation in the media, books and magazines always inspired me. I never saw myself in them, and could never connect,” she told Gucci.

She added: “I am using my voice to share the stories that need to be shared about our communities, and create conversation around topics that may seem taboo in our cultures or ones that might be sensitive to talk about among our societies or patriarchal systems that need to end.”

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