Launch of Medical Tourism to help boost economy: Bukhari



Sohail Majeed Butt


Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Overseas Pakistanis said that the government of Pakistan will provide a platform to International doctors for bringing their ideas, expertise and technology in the country. Addressing the 10th International Medical Conference organized by Medics International here on Saturday, he said that the government will ensure facilitation to the doctors for transportation of medical equipment in the country to provide advance medical services to the people.

The Overseas Ministry has signed a joint venture with Federal Ministry of Health amounting 30 million rupees establish an institute which will provide best services to the overseas doctors in Pakistan.

He further encouraged Medics International and the doctors to promote Medical Tourism in the country to provide advance heath services to the people.

Another milestone has been achieved by the PTI’s government that, EOBI department has been shifted from the Sindh government to the federal government to ensure expansion and better facilitation to the pensioners. The federal government had enhanced the monthly pension to Rs. 8,500/- each and aimed to further enhance its value to Rs. 15,000/- in future.

The overseas ministry has included the names of overseas Pakistanis in the EOBI database to provide pensions because the overseas Pakistanis contribute 7 per cent to the GDP of the country.

Aimed to provide better health services to the overseas Pakistanis, the overseas Pakistanis will get Sehat Cards next month so that they can get better healthcare facilities.

Highlighting the efforts of the PTI government, he said, the government can’t change the system in just 15 months, even we are still hard surviving, and we need support of Overseas Pakistanis to make new Pakistan.

He welcomed the international doctors and highlighted the Medics International efforts in promoting health services in the country. He encouraged the international doctors to bring in their expertise, ideas and best practices in the sectors of health, medicine and education in Pakistan so that, we can enhance our capacity to bring health reforms in the country.

The other distinguished guests included Dr. Bagher Larijani, Deputy Minister of Medical Education of Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Haseeb Athar, Chairman, Federal Public Service Commission, Lt. Gen ® Dr. Imran Majeed, Vice Chancellor, National University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Badshah Zaidi, Maj. Gen ® Former Director of Medicines Armed Forces, Dr Wajih Rizvi, Founder Medics International, Dr Huma Naqvi, Global President, Medics International, Dr Shabih Zaidi, Global Summit Chair, Medics International presented their point of views on how to address the challenges being faced around the world around medicines, education and research.

Dr. Bagher Larijani, Deputy Minister of Medical Education of Islamic Republic of Iran said that Medics International has expanded by the time and is going on the right direction for expansion, research, education and health services in the field of medicine.

In his welcome speech on the occasion, Dr Shabih Zaidi, the MI’s Global Summit Chair, said that the MI had been providing health care-related relief services in such war-torn zones of Iraq and Syria where world renowned relief organizations like Doctors without Borders had yet to get access.

He said that the MI had already established a virtual university to assist further medical education by deserving students all over the world.

MI’s Founder Dr Wajih Rizvi said on the occasion that the Medics International had carried out massive health care-based relief work in Pakistan whenever the country had faced a major natural calamity including earthquakes and floods in the recent past years.

He said that the conference had different sessions over the period of three days related to specialized fields of medicine, pharmaceutical, and dentistry.

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