Land of unimaginable beauty


From the precipitous peaks of the Karakoram Range to the fertile Indus River plain, Pakistan is home to a diversity of stunning landscapes and has unlimited potential for developing eco-friendly tourism. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday in a tweet said that Pakistan is a land of unimaginable beauty, hidden natural wonders and untapped tourism potential. He shared British travel magazine “Wanderlust’s” report titled “of Pakistan’s most breathtaking natural wonders.” Among the natural wonders of Pakistan, the magazine enlisted Baltoro Glacier, Neelum Vallley, Hingol National Park, Trango Towers, Deosai Plains, Thar Desert, Saiful Muluk, Hunza Valley and Attabad Lake. Wanderlust is the UK’s leading independent travel magazine, delivering inspiration and advice to the travelers seeking unique and enriching travel experiences which covers destinations near and far and combines in-depth practical information with breathtaking photography and award-winning editorial. Highlighting the tourism potential of the country, the magazine says, From magical Himalayan valleys to lunar landscapes of bubbling mud volcanoes, Wanderlust’s 2020 Hot List destination Pakistan offers a diversity of extraordinary natural beauty without the crowds. Last Thursday, the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation organized a consultative workshop in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme to take the process further and finalize a ‘national tourism strategy’. British Back­packer Society has stated that Pakistan, with improved law and order, and inclusive steps taken by its government, may see a huge influx of foreign tourists in coming years as the world’s rapidly growing tourist and travel destinations of the next decade. Pakistan, after clinching top position in the recently issued ranking of the United States based travel magazine Cond Nast for the 2020s best tourist attractions, has now been declared as third highly potential adventure travel destinations of the world by the BBS. Since taking charge last year, the Prime Minister has repeatedly pushed for growth in Pakistan’s untapped tourism sector. He has maintained that the development of tourism hubs at various tourist sites would not only highlight the country’s tourism potential but would also lead to the creation of greater job opportunities. The new e-visa system and abolishment of No Objection Certificate for foreign tourists are reflection of the incumbent government’s initiatives for the development or tourism industry. The government should focus on building mid-range hotels in its northern region as the tourists are facing a major challenge of accommodation besides upgradation of the existing transportation and road infrastructure.

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