Lana Del Rey didn’t want to be a solo artist


Lana Del Rey originally wanted to be in a band. The 34-year-old singer-songwriter confessed that before she was launched into the spotlight, she wanted to be the lead singer of a group but was discouraged by her label and management who absolutely wanted her to be a solo artist. In an interview with The Sunday Times Culture magazine, she said, I wanted to be a band, but the label I was with and the team I had around me absolutely wanted me to be a solo artist.
The ‘Summertime Sadness’ singer went on to explain that the album and its name were influenced by the “creative types” in her own life. She said: “[The album] is about this guy who is a genius artist, but he knows it and won’t shut up about it. “So often I have ended up with these creative types, and they just go on. And I’m, like, ‘Yeah, yeah’, but there’s merit to that, also.
They are so good. And I just like the track so much, I went, ‘OK, I want the record to be called that too.’ Lana, whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, also revealed the inspiration behind her pseudonym, explaining that she wanted a glamorous name to reflect the slow and sultry style of her music. She said, my music is cinematic, so we wanted a name that reflected the glamour of the sound.

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