Lal Chowk massacre Anniversary


Lal Chowk massacre of 1993 is still considered as one of the grisliest incidents of brutality and gross human rights violations committed by the Indian occupational forces in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, exposing the repugnant masquerade of the Indian government.

On 10th April 1993, a large section of downtown Srinagar known as Lal Chowk was burned to the ground by Indian paramilitary troops. More than 60 houses, five commercial buildings, 150 shops, two official buildings, shrines, schools were completely burnt to ashes.

A total of 47 innocent civilians were burnt alive and over 125 were killed by Indian Border Security Forces (BSF).

This massacre was consistent with the policy of repression and subjugation by the government of India and its collaborators to silence the people’s resistance against the illegal occupation, according to experts. Besides Human Right Watch, Amnesty International had also highlighted massive human rights violation in IIOJK with the comments that “The Muslim majority population in Kashmir valley suffers from the repressive tactics of the security forces”. The espode of violence is still continued under the Modi Regime.

A report by Asia Watch and Physicians for Human Rights had documented rape cases that occurred since 1990 in Kashmir. One the earliest cases was the mass rape in Chanapora Srinagar committed by Indian security forces. The report also said that Indian soldiers committed rapes frequently after January 1990, and used it as a weapon of war, but, disproportionately, most of them targeted Kashmiri Muslim women

On 5th Aug 2019, Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) abrogated Article 370 and revoked Article 35A over IIOJK. The changes were welcomed by Indians who saw Kashmir as an integral part of India but the Kashmiris rejected it as a threat to change the demographics of the valley from Muslim-majority to non-Kashmiri and non-Muslim.

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