LAC Talks


The 15th round of China-India corps commander level meeting held recently, continuing the positive atmosphere since the 14th round of talk, as the two sides reached consensus on agreeing to maintain dialogue via military and diplomatic channels to reach a mutually acceptable resolution to the remaining issues at the earliest time.

The latest round of corps commander level talks came despite US agitation, which Chinese analysts said contrarily strengthened the determination of China and India to consolidate achievements and manage differences. The focus of the talks is expected to be the completion of the stalled disengagement process in the Hot Springs (Patrolling Point-15) areas. The two sides “carried forward their discussions from the previous round held on January 12, 2022 for the resolution of the relevant issues along the LAC in the Western Sector. They had a detailed exchange of views in this regard, in keeping with the guidance provided by the State Leaders to work for the resolution of the remaining issues at the earliest. For some US politicians who see China as a strategic rival, China-India discord would only bring benefits to Washington: it drains resources from China’s military and woos India in terms of the defense and security. The Ukraine crisis has made more countries, including India, to clearly see the US’ approach in offshore balancing: control Europe in security, financial and economic terms by inciting conflict between Russia and Ukraine. me Indian analysts have already been sounding unusual voices against the US’ scheme, saying that India’s policies should promote a greater awareness that China and India should put the overall interests and fundamental interests first, instead of being agitated by the US

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