Kristen opens up about being a woman and bravery


NEW YORK: Kristen Bell  made her rise in the industry, after the release of Frozen II. Her voice over work as Elsa has made her movie one of the most well received films of 2019.

The star was invited to the 2020 Critics Choice Awards on Sunday where she took the opportunity to answer her most contemplated question, “What does it mean to be a woman, today?”

The award aims to recognize those women who persevere despite hardships, aiming to change the stereotypes with an authentic portrayal of women across the entertainment landscape.

Hollywood Reporter quoted the star as stating, “My immediate reaction is always to answer with words like ‘strong’ and ‘brave’ and ‘powerful,’ but if I’m being honest, to me, being a woman is not about being brave or being strong or being powerful. It’s not about being anything specific.”

“It’s just about giving yourself permission to be the things that you already are – which seems very easy, but it is not. Because women have been conditioned to fit into boxes; usually tiny, pretty, sparkly boxes with bows on them, generally,” she added.

“So to me, the idea of womanhood is someone who sheds the perfect little box and owns their complexity,” she said.

Bell’s The Good Place co-star, Ted Danson, was the one who presented her the award and highlighted her work as a humanitarian and an actress.

Danson was quoted as saying, “Kristen Bell embodies characters who have a strong moral core, compassion, independence, support for the underdog, and a fearless optimism.”

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