Knowledge in Scientific Age


In learning and accumulating knowledge critical thinking is important. While talking to the students of Cadet College, Murree President Dr Arif Alvi has advised students to develop critical and analytical thinking skills to overcome biases that are inherent in human nature. It is also important for judicious decision-making. He also emphasized that the youth needed to be trained to sift through the mass of information and discern misinformation.

However to keep the doors of knowledge open throughout your lives and learn from past experiences as well and use the knowledge and information made readily available to them by Information Technology. Students draw inspiration from the life and conduct of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as well as learn lessons from the lives of successful persons. This would enrich them intellectually and socially besides making them a better and more useful person for the benefit of society and the country. Quaid-e-Azam used to hold students in great esteem and encouraged them to actively participate in Pakistan’s Freedom Movement to carve a separate homeland for the Muslims of India. And in recent age promotion of the use of Information Technology in all sectors is of national importance. Pakistan needed to increase the number of skilled IT human resources to fill the ever-widening gap between demand and supply of IT professionals in the country and around the world.

Human resources in addition to natural resources were the essential ingredients for nations to make sustained and fast-track development. Absence of skilled Human Resources, the natural resources remained untapped and unexploited, thus, hampering a country’s progress. Our educational institutions should be fully geared to multiply their capacity to produce highly skilled human resources by adopting online and hybrid methods of imparting knowledge and skills to their students. A steady supply of skilled professionals capable of effectively utilizing  unexploited natural resources can fill this gap.

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